Monday, July 25, 2011

Doily No. 4

How are you my friends?  I am sorry for being absent for two weeks.  As usual, life's so busy.  When I was a stay-at-home mom, it seems that there's not enough time to do all the chores at home.  And now that I'm working, I want to stop time and do everything that I can and most of all finish all my cross stitch pieces and crochet projects.  Oh well, what can I do....

I still crochet regularly at the office during lunch breaks.  And the good thing is, I have crochet buddies there so every lunchtime, we eat hurriedly so we can have as much crochet time as we can .  And there's one officemate who's into knitting and maybe someday soon, she will teach me how to do it.  We will see....

Crossstitch-wise, I do it regularly every night but for only an hour or so, that's why there's not enough progress to show you on my "Tropical Fruits".

I wanted to share with you the photos of my Doily No. 4.  I finished it maybe two months ago but it's only recently that I was able to photograph it.

Unwashed and unblocked:

White still wet and being blocked:

Dried and blocked already:

This doily is very textured and the thread I used, DMC Cebelia No. 10, is a bit stiff so I have some struggling with it.  I got spoiled by the pearl thread which is soft and very easy to maneuver.  But one thing I like so much about Cebelia is that blocking is very easy since the thread is stiff.  Anyway, here's the detailed photo:
I've got the pattern from this book:

On my last post, Raine thought that the cat in this photo is a toy:
But it is a measuring tape:

This is all for now my friends.  Take care always and have a nice week ahead of us!

P.S.  Deb MN was asking about the Tropical Fruits pattern.  I think it is only available here in the Philippines  as it was published by DMC Philippines.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Busy Weekend and Award No. 3

I found out that I really cannot do blogging on my lunch breaks at work.  It's because our connection is so slow during that time since most of the people are doing their personal surfing.  Anyway, last Saturday was my day-off and I've got no makeup work to do so I spent most of the day crocheting and cross stitching.  Here's how my bed looked that day:

The yellow cat looks like a toy but it is a tape measure.
And now for the award....

Thank you very much Kim for passing this award to me.  It's greatly appreciated:

I'm supposed to write 7 things about myself and pass this award to my favorite bloggers, but right now my head is not working properly, LOL! so I guess I will come back to this again some time soon.

Thank you everyone for always being here with me and thank you so much to all who follow.  It means so much to me!  Happy weekend and have a great week ahead :-)