Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm Working On

Well, no accomplishment for last week, no finished piece.  The reason is I can't concentrate on one WIP at a time.  Added to that, last Wednesday I was on-leave from work, so I took the opportunity to visit Dreams and had a knitting lesson there.  Crazy huh?!  :-D  How in the world can I finish all the things I have, cross stitch, crochet, and now knitting!  Oh well, I'm crazy and everyone who's been here with me knows that, LOL!

Here are the pieces that I am working on:

As of today
As of June 20, 2011
For more than a month, that's very little progress.....

And here's my update on my multi-colored flowers shawl:

I started another doily, the one on the cover.  The thread is Aunt Lydia's No. 10 crochet cotton thread in Wasabi.  It says in the pattern that the doily will ruffle a little but it will flatten after blocking.  But my piece ruffles a lot.  We will see when I finished and blocked it if it will really becomes flat.

And here's my knitting practice.  This is going to be a shawl but we will see if it will become one or something else, LOL!

This is all for now friends!  Take care everyone of you :-)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Red Shawl

Despite being busy, I wanted to finish as much projects as I can otherwise WIPs will pile up and I will get overwhelmed by them.  It's my goal to lessen if not finish my WIPs this year.  Crossstitch-wise, I am not successful.  Crochet-wise, well... not successful either, LOL!

Remember this photo from a previous post?
It's a square motif from this book:
Photo courtesy of Amazon.com
Now, here's the finished piece.

Sorry for the messy background :-D
Again, this is all for now.  Have a nice week ahead and take care friends!