Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heavenly Stitchin' Moment Revisited

More than two years ago, I posted about Heavenly Stitchin Moment here.  Then after awhile, my interest shifted to crochet then knitting.  Eventually, I got a full time job that I completely neglected my cross stitch, hence, haven't frequented the LNS (local needlecraft stores) where I buy my cross stitch materials.  Then, as most of you knew, I am so stressed at work that I came back to cross stitching.  Hobby-wise, it's my first love, so I always come back to it.  And going back to cross stitching means going back and revisting my favorite stores, one of them Heavenly Stitchin' Moment. 

I visited the store some weeks ago to buy my favorite blue erasable marker and also to look into what's new in their patterns and kits.  The feeling is still the same - whenever I am there, I go crazy, I feel like a child in a toy store that I don't wanna leave... I can stay there forever... I wanted to buy all the patterns, threads, notions, etc etc.  Here are some photos of the store:



Cross stitch kits

Cross stitch (and other crafts) magazines on Sale!

In this rack, there used to be puzzles, but they are now replaced with Diamond Stitch, I think that's what they call those black boxes.  From what I understand, Diamond Stitch is just like cross stitch, it comes with pattern but instead of thread, you will use beads.  Just don't know what happened with my camera but I am sure I took a photo of a finished piece.  When I go back to the store, I will see to it to take pictures again and will post here.

Then there's this new Great Wall of China cross stitch, which is a bit different from a previous one, (again, I will post a photo soon of the old one to compare) that I, up to this time, am contemplating on getting:
The white circle is not a moon :D, it's the reflection of the light bulb of the store :D

As usual, thanks for visiting and reading my blog.  Take care always and have a nice week ahead.

For those residing in the Philippines, the store featured above is located at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.  For inquiries, you can call them at: 556-0133.


rosek1870 said...

You are such a lucky lady to have such a great LNS. I have none! I have to go and hour and a half to Philadelphia to get to one. Cross stitch is my first love to and when stress hits it lowers my blood pressure. Even working full time I try to find time (even if only a few stitches) to calm me. That is one of the reasons I am doing a lot of patterns with blocks of color and no confetti stitches. Keeps me calm. Small things to to give me a sense of accomplishment lol. Enjoy my friend!! Hugs to you!!

Lesley said...

Awesome photos Toni. Glad you have been able to re visit such a wonderful store. Happy stitching :-). Xx

Rhona said...

Wow...what an incredible store!

Anonymous said...

absolutely heaven, wish we had such a shop in our country ^_^

Sierra Norway said...

Wow sis Toni, ang ganda na ng mga tinda nila , last na nakapunta ako dyan kaunti lang ang mga cross sticth nila, ngayon meron a rin islang mga mags at dumami na rin mga patterns nila for sale! So nice to see new photos sis Toni, now I miss going back there again... Maybe someday.. Thanks sis Toni for sharing it here in your blog...

Toni said...

Hi Sis Sierra!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Sis, I've tried looking into your profile para ifollow ko if my blog ka, kaya lang restricted ang access. Sana someday sis, magkita tayo dyan sa Heavenly...

Lesley said...

Thanks for visiting Toni. I had not realised there was a comment from you,awaiting moderation...sorry and I deleted your latest comment when I tried to publish it!!!! on my android..won't do that again. Hope you are well and doing some crafting:-) xx

Anonymous said...

hi, went to Mall of Asia yesterday to buy some cross stitch patterns in Heavenly Stitchin but realized the store is no longer there. Please help whereelse I can buy some patterns. Thanks!

Toni said...

Hi Kim,

Sorry for the very late reply. Was so busy with life. Heavenly Stitchin Moment will open their store in Robinson's Place in Manila soon this coming December. I will keep you posted. I also learned from the owner that they will have a store in Megamall.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kim said...

Hi Toni!!!
How are you sis?? I hope you're ok?
I sent you an email a bit back but I wasn't sure if you received it or not.

I would love to get lost in this shop with you. We could spend hours and hours in here so happily.
If only!!!
x x x x

Yahir Guevarra said...

Hello po Ms. Toni

TagLish nlang po comment po baka dumugo ilong ko.. hehe

While looking for the Secret Garden 1 2 3 coz I'm planning to make that after my Stargazer and Ballerina, d2 nga po ako napadpad s blog nyo at napa wow ako. Lalo po nabuhayan ng dugo at gus2ng gus2 mag cross stitch, Thanks for sharing to us.

Can I ask a favor? Ask ko po sna if may cel no. kau nung DREAMS Shop? at wala n po b tlga Heavenly Stitchin` Moments s MOA near CINEMA? 2011 p po ata kasi last visit ko dun. Taga Pampanga p po kasi ako kaya di ko mapuntahan agad at baka masayang lang pamasahe ko, may gnagawa po kasi akong Stargazer ang hirap hanapan ng beads n need tlga kaya di ko matapos tapos gus2 ko p man din po sna maganda kalabasan nya pang gift ko po kasi s Mom ko.

Sna update din po kayo ng mga cross stitch shop n nkabukas p dn po pag di po kau busy.

Thanks po :)

Yahir Guevarra said...

Hello po Ms. Toni.

Thanks for sharing to us. I really love cross stitch,

Can I ask a favor po? Ask ko po if bukas p dn ang DREAM Shop at Heavenly Stitchin` Moments s MOA (2011 p po ata 1st and last visit ko dun) or other branches and if may contact number po kau nila? Taga Pampanga p po kasi ako at naghahanap p ng ibang cross stitch shop may hinahanap po kasi akong beads pra s gnagawa kong Stargazer at pattern with clear copies.

Thanks :)

Toni said...

Hello Yahir!

Thank you for dropping by my blog. Dito na kita nireply kasi hindi inactivate ang Google+ account ko. Eh yun lang ang way to message you sana.

Ang telephone number ng Dreams ay 856-0741. Ang Heavenly Stitchin naman ay nagmove na from MOA to Robinson's Manila. Meron na rin sila sa Megamall.

If beads naman ang kailangan mo, parehas meron ang dalawang store na yan. Meron din sa Quiapo, sa Villalobos Street, madalas kong puntahan dun ang Aryanna Cross Stitch Store (dating Mimosa) at yung katabi nya, Tony's Lace Center. Pwede ka rin magtingin ng beads sa Wellmanson, dyan din sa Villalobos St., halos napakalapit nyan sa Aryanna. Kung galing ka ng Quiapo Church, nasa kanan yang tatlong stores na yan, mauuna ang Wellmanson, then Aryanna, tapos Tony's Lace. I am sure mag-i-enjoy ka sa pagsashopping dyan. Except, yun nga lang, matao at saka ingat sa mandurukot.

Thanks again for reading my blog.


Xylem Licerio said...

Hi toni, ask ko lang, may alam ka ba na store na nagbebenta rin online ng diamond stitch? Nasa visayas kasi kami eh' wla pa niyan dito s cebu kaya baka may alam ka na online store na nagbebenta. Sana matulungan mo kami ng friends ko.


Toni said...

Hi Xylem,

You can visit the FB page of Heavenly Stitchin, magmessage ka sa kanila kung may gusto ka orderin and they will send your it via courier.


Velnie said...

absolutely heaven, wish we had such a shop in our country!!! do Cebu had this store also?

Toni said...

Hi Velnie,

I don't remember them having a store in Cebu. But they do deliver. Just check their facebook page and leave a message there. I think they also have photos in their fb page of their products.

Thanks and best regards,