Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hooky Evening

I usually do blog posts during weekends so it might be a surprise to you seeing something from me today.  I just wanted to show you a photo of what I did last night.  For a change, I crocheted a granny square which I will use as a coaster in the office.  I used Cannon crochet thread no. 8 and Boye hook size 2.5mm.  Here are the photos:

Have a nice day/evening friends. Take care always :-)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Signing In...

It's more than five months since I last posted here.  As usual, life, or should I say, work, always gets in the way.  Although I am always absent here, stitching-wise, I am happy to tell you that I do stitch every night and if time permits, during lunch breaks at the office.  I have really miss blogging, taking photos, reading your comments...nevertheless, I always do my best to visit stitching-friends' blogs.  And also, I would like to thank everyone for always visiting my blog despite my absence.

I have two WIPs as of current.  But for now, I will just show what I have been stitching every day.  This has been in my wish list since 2010 that when my sister came here for a vacation more than a month ago, it's what I requested her to buy for me.

It's a Country Cottage Needleworks pattern titled "A Place We Call Home".  It's such a fun and easy-to-stitch project.  I just hope this won't start my samplers addiction, LOL!

I started this January 29 and this was my progress as of last February 9:

I have finished it yesterday and washed this morning that is why I cannot show you a photo of the finished piece, it's still hanging in the clothesline.  I promise you will see it in my next post.

How about you, what have you been up to?  I will be very glad to know :-)

Have a great week ahead my friends.  Take care always.