Monday, January 24, 2011

My Golden Kite Patterns

Last week, I've been in panic mode after learning from our local needlecraft stores that DMC will increase the prices of their threads come February.  I've got some Golden Kite (GK) patterns and other BAP charts that I want to kit-up and those who are familiar with Golden Kite knows how big their charts are and require many colors and skeins of DMC threads.  By the way, Golden Kite is my favorite when it comes to BAPs.  They do excellent work on charting paintings and masterpieces, thus justifying the price of their patterns.  And the photos on their site of finished projects will show you that every pattern is a piece of art.  Add to that is the good customer service of the owner, Marcus.  He replies promptly whenever you send an email or query.

Here are photos of some of my Golden Kite patterns that I need to kit-up, hopefully, soon.  I will post again some time in the future photos of some of my GK patterns that have already threads and fabrics.  All photos are from with links provided.  Sorry I feel so lazy to take photos of my purchased patterns.

In The Mountains
This is one of my favorite GK patterns that I have.  I will be doing this (and the following two patterns) on 18count Aida so the finished size will be 23.8 by 15.7 inches.  After I count and buy the threads, I will post again how many skeins needed. 

Autumn On The Wissahickon
Another favorite!  I love the soft hues of this one.  It is a bit bigger than In the Mountains, with the finished size of  33.3 by 21.1 inches.

On The Saco
Oh, another favorite!  Aren't they all my favorites!  The finished size of this is 33.3 by 22.6 inches, a bit similar with Autumn On The Wissahickon.  The reason why I haven't kitted them up is because I ordered them later than the others.

That's all for now, have to go to count and list all the threads that needs to be bought!

Thanks for reading and have a nice week everyone!

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Lostinblue said...

You have some lovely ones there Toni. I was finding it hard to choose my favourite from them, they're all so beautiful.
I would love to see you working on one of these, I bet it will be amazing to watxh it develop.