Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tropical Fruits Update, Clips

I think there's some progress enough to show you in my Tropical Fruits piece, so here it is:
Excuse it for being dirty and all those fold marks.  I got sweaty hands so no matter what I do, all my WIPs got dirty one way or another.  Anyway, as soon as I finish it, I will immediately wash it.

Those of you who have been with me since I started blogging know that I don't use hoops or scroll frames, I just stitched in hand.  That's why clips are very important to me in stitching.  In my post here, I've shown you how I use the clips and also have shown you my clips.

Then sometime two weeks ago, I happen to see these clips from our local bookstore and bought:
Ice Cream
Snails.  I hope my progress won't be very slow when I will use these clips, LOL!

Frogs. I hope Mr. Frog won't visit these friends of his when I use these.
My favorite among all the clips:  BEES
Here's how I use them on my Tropical Fruits:
Front view
Back view
That's all for now folks.  Have a great week ahead.  Take care always!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Journey - Framed

Finally, my Journey is now framed and on the wall.  I finished it around May and it was only mid June that I have it framed.  One of the greatest happiness of a stitcher is seeing her finished piece framed and hanging and that is what I am feeling right now.
Am stitching my Tropical Fruits everyday and that's one of the reason why I can't blog weekly.  Most weekends, all I wanna do is stitch, stitch and stitch.  Then on weekdays, after a long day at the office, am too tired to bother opening the computer and composing a post, but I still manage to do some 200 to 300 stitches every evening.

I also am stitching a small piece at the office during lunch breaks.  Will post some photos soon.  Sorry, so many promises of posting photos LOL!

Hugs to all!  Take care always friends :-)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heavenly Stitchin' Moment Revisited

More than two years ago, I posted about Heavenly Stitchin Moment here.  Then after awhile, my interest shifted to crochet then knitting.  Eventually, I got a full time job that I completely neglected my cross stitch, hence, haven't frequented the LNS (local needlecraft stores) where I buy my cross stitch materials.  Then, as most of you knew, I am so stressed at work that I came back to cross stitching.  Hobby-wise, it's my first love, so I always come back to it.  And going back to cross stitching means going back and revisting my favorite stores, one of them Heavenly Stitchin' Moment. 

I visited the store some weeks ago to buy my favorite blue erasable marker and also to look into what's new in their patterns and kits.  The feeling is still the same - whenever I am there, I go crazy, I feel like a child in a toy store that I don't wanna leave... I can stay there forever... I wanted to buy all the patterns, threads, notions, etc etc.  Here are some photos of the store:



Cross stitch kits

Cross stitch (and other crafts) magazines on Sale!

In this rack, there used to be puzzles, but they are now replaced with Diamond Stitch, I think that's what they call those black boxes.  From what I understand, Diamond Stitch is just like cross stitch, it comes with pattern but instead of thread, you will use beads.  Just don't know what happened with my camera but I am sure I took a photo of a finished piece.  When I go back to the store, I will see to it to take pictures again and will post here.

Then there's this new Great Wall of China cross stitch, which is a bit different from a previous one, (again, I will post a photo soon of the old one to compare) that I, up to this time, am contemplating on getting:
The white circle is not a moon :D, it's the reflection of the light bulb of the store :D

As usual, thanks for visiting and reading my blog.  Take care always and have a nice week ahead.

For those residing in the Philippines, the store featured above is located at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.  For inquiries, you can call them at: 556-0133.