Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rhombi Scarf and Mini Granny Squares

I just realized that I haven't posted for more than a month.  Nothing's new except it's always busy.  And though I haven't been here, my needles and hooks never go empty.

I have finished this Rhombi scarf maybe two or three weeks ago, but this photo was taken earlier.  I did this for my brother-in-law.  He lost one of his scarves in his trip to Europe so I thought why not make him a replacement.  The pattern is courtesy of Ravelry.  When I have more time, I will link the page here.

This measures, I think, 35 inches. 
I will post a photo of the finished piece soon.

And these are my mini granny squares.  At first sight, they look like regular grannies, but scroll down and you will see how small they are.  The pattern called Daisy Square is courtesy of Annette of My Rose Valley.  Thanks Annette!

These are the threads I used, Canon (made by Coats Manila Bay) size 8

Thank you for dropping by and take care everyone :-)