Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Raining Threads and Yarns!!!

Yes, it is!  Please, read on...

When I enrolled in Dreams for crochet lessons, I met there Arlene, who came to know about Dreams through this blog.  She enrolled in Hardanger lessons and we became stitching buddies.  She told me about a store where they sell yarns and threads by the kilo.  One kilo of cotton thread costs P170 (around US $4.00) and one kilo of yarn is P270 (more or less US $6.00) So, addicted as we are, we went there.  Let the photos do the talking:

Yarn and Thread Store in Rosario, Pasig

Outside the store, you'll never know how much yarns and threads inside

I ended up buying 6 kilos of threads, but I will show the photos in another entry soon.

Now, onto my crochet lessons in Dreams.  Do you know that it's very hard for me to concentrate on my lessons there as these are all around me:

Yarns and threads in Dreams Yarnshoppe

Because of these, I am always telling my teacher that I need to rest my eyes for awhile, but in truth, I will stand up and stretch and then . . . touch these beauties and think what I will buy before I leave the store.  Sick?  Yes, I am.  And I need my thread medicine!!!

Have a nice week everyone!  And to all of you, thank you very much for reading my blog.  And big, big thank you to those of you who leave comments as well as to my followers.  They mean so much to me and you're my inspiration in my updates here.

Hugs to you all :-)


rosek1870 said...

WOW Toni! Good thing I live so far away or I'd be in big trouble! I wouldn't be able to walk in my house for all the yarn I would buy!!! Have a great week

Ninu said...


Home is Where My Heart Is said...

Whoa!! That is some store. I am green with envy. Toni, please take an extra dose of thread medicine for me.

Nina said...

Oh wow...I'm speechless! :)

Lostinblue said...

Talk about droolfest!!!

Oh wow Toni, how did you ever manage to tear yourself away? I think there's a few of us wanting to go there with you.


Susan H. said...

Hi Toni,
Thanks for your comment on my blog today. And WOW!! I just want to reach out and touch all of that yarn too. How wonderful to be able to learn to crochet around all of those goodies.
:) Susan

Bobbie said...

Hi Toni,
Lucky girl...to have such a wonderful yarn store to enjoy. I'm afraid I'd be in very big trouble if this store was located near me.

I see lots of beautiful doilies and filet crochet when I look at all those threads.

Thanks for always taking such great pictures and sharing them with us. Lots of us are looking at these pictures with drool cloths in hand so we don't ruin our keyboards by drooling all over the keys!

Fantastic pictures and fun blog update!

From one ''sick'' sister to another!
Big Hugs enclosed - Bobbie :)

Blu said...

Wow! What an incredible store!

Lili said...

wow! so nice! :)

Virpi said...

That looks like knitters paradise =D (or crocheter - sorry don't know how that word is written right...)

MiniBinoy said...

am drooling at the wonderful collection!!:)

Saritha said...

OMG, That is paradise. I would find it very hard to get out of that shop.

craftlover said...

i would love to be in that store! =)

Every-witchy Way said...


It was nice photos and it really makes me want to go in Rosario, Pasig. :)

You've mentioned that they sell yarn per kilo for P270. But I'm wondering what type of yarn it is. Since your familiar with yarns in Dreams you have an idea if they have similar yarns available in Rosario (not the brand). I am actually looking for 100% cotton (merino wool and yarn with 50% acrylic) sportweight, DK weight, and worsted weight. Are they available in Rosario? I really love to buy yarns at Dreams but would want yarns from Rosario. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Haze Blue said...

Hi, do you think the per kilo offer is still available? Are they selling online? I'm from Cebu and I want to know..please..thanks!

Toni said...

Hi Haze Blue,

Sorry it's just now that I got online and saw your message. I think the per kilo is always available. Tho I am not sure if they do sell online.

Thanks and best regards,