Monday, April 4, 2011

Confession, Obsession

Confession time... I did so little backstitching on the Morning Lake, so there's still no picture to show you.  But I did start on Tropical Fruits.  Here's my little (so little) progress on it:

I did finish a crochet doily which was my project for my crochet lesson.  Here it is, unwashed and unblocked.  I used Canon cotton crochet thread no. 10 color SC021 here with Susan Bates crochet hook size B1.

This is the Japanese crochet book where I've gotten the pattern of the above doily:

Lately, I am obsessing over these Japanese crochet flowers that they are all I wanted to make.  Last time, I've shown you the multicolored ones and also the green/gold-green combination.  Last Friday, I bought from Dreams some yarns:

And these are the flowers I made from the yarns:

They are huge!  Please see the difference:

Have a nice week everyone!


Midge said...

Great crochet and I love the tropical fruit.
H x

Lostinblue said...

It's a shame I'm not nearer Toni, I'd do the backstitch for you. :) Of course, then I'd insist you take me round all these yummy needlework shops you have near you. That'd be such fun, to go stash shopping together.

Lovely start on the tropical fruit. I see a banana appearing!

The crochet book looks fantastic, I bet you get some beautiful designs in it.
I love your doily. What do you mean... blocked? Is it some sort of stretching?

The flowers are looking fantastic and I suppose you could even make them into sets of doilies if you wanted to. So much you can do with crochet! Once I get to grips with my sewing machine (don't hold your breath on that one) I will get my crochet back out and have another go at learning.


Toni said...

Thank you so much for your comments. Yes Kim, you've got it right, it's sort of stretching your project so you can get the right shape. I hope I said it correctly :-D I think this site will explain it better:

Oh Kim, how I wish you're near me so you can finish the backstitching and in return we will spend the whole day going around all the needlecraft stores here :-)

Home is where my Heart is said...

Good start on the banana, it is a lovely design. I love your crochet and yarns too..sooo pretty. It makes me want to break out my crochet hooks :) would definitely need a refresher course on it though.

Lili said...

your crochet is so pretty! :)
Lovely progress on the Tropical project!


Alison said...

Hi Tony,

Your doily looks great after blocking...and I just love your Japanese flowers; I can hardly wait to try one of those, they are so pretty!