Monday, March 28, 2011

Small Finishes From The Past

While arranging my stash box, I came upon these two small finishes that I've completely forgotten about.  I think I did these two or three years ago.
Backdoor Friends
Strawberry Basket

With the included matting

The kit it came from.  Designed by Joan Elliott
I also saw these two kits that I haven't started yet. 
Bee and Rose.  Also designed by Joan Elliott

These were all gifts from my sister.

I have done some backstitching on the Morning Lake, but I will show the picture when it's really finished.  I also started the Tropical Fruits and when there's more to show, will post a photo of it.

This is all for now.  Take care everyone!


Lostinblue said...

These are SO cute Toni!
Are you sure you don't need help arranging your stash box? ;)
I'm sure I could think of a way to give you more room in it. (haha).

I can't wait to see Morning Lake finished, but I'm also looking forward to the fruits as well, they're SO colourful.


Home is where my Heart is said...

Those are lovely little finishes and I am looking forward to seeing both Morning lake and the colourful Tropical Fruits

Donna said...

These are lovely!! and I can't wait to see Morning Lake and your new project

Lili said...

Beautiful! the colours are so pretty!