Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Flowers In Bloom, More Threads and Morning Lake Update

Almost finally, all the crosses in Morning Lake are now finished.  Now, have to do the backstitching.  Oops, I did again!!!  I know, I know, you must be saying "there you go again Toni, leaving the backstitching til the end".

Some time ago, I posted in some of the forums asking fellow cross stitchers for tips and techniques on how to make backstitching easier on my life.  And almost everyone said that I should do it as I go along.  But I really dreaded that stitch, so here I am again, leaving it til the end.

Crochet-wise, here are some more flowers.  I'm thinking of making it into a shawl instead of scarf.
On white background (sorry for the wrinkled towel)

On black background
Now, I have to stop adding more flowers on it for the meantime because I have to do these, also into a shawl, as a gift for my sister:

They are the same flower pattern except I change the color motif and used the threads above.

After I finished my multicolored shawl and my sister's, I will also make one for my mother with this color combination/threads:
And then when I finished all the shawls, I don't know what my next project will be, but I already bought these threads (all the threads I posted here are Canon made by Coats).  I'm crazy I know, but I'm happy so it's okay :D
By the way, while browsing for more threads, I saw and bought these Boye hooks at a steal...all 7 pieces at P100 (US$2.25), and if you will look around the net, one Boye steel crochet hook costs $1.99.  These are the old Boye hooks and I've read somewhere that it's better than the new ones.  I just can't remember the difference.  I am not sure how old these hooks are but they are in good condition.  You can also see in the box that they were made by Boye Needle Company, whereas today, their new hooks are now being made by Wrights.

It's really very dangerous to my wallet having the needlecraft stores so near our place.  They are just a five-minute, or less, drive from our home.  Good or bad?  You decide...  But for me, it's good, good, good!  Indeed, very good!!!  :D :D :D


Nina said...

Morning Lake looks wonderful! I share your pain about backstitching...that's why I usually do it as I go. Maybe it helps, if you set some kind of daily goal for it. Something like I'll finish this corner today and after that I can stitch/crochet/whatever you desire. That way it doesn't feel like an enourmous task and your beautiful WIP won't turn an UFO.

Your crochet threads are amazing! *drools* I wish we had something like that here.

Shelley said...

Yes another here who shares your pain of backstitching.. i'm the opposite though, I tend to try and do it too quickly.. I need to wait until I've done the crosses lol. Love your little flowers.. those types of flowers are pretty popular in scrapbooking now! :)

Donna said...

I feel the same about backstitching, I find it really hard to motivate myself to do it but I just keep in mind how it adds to the overall design. I am in awe of the crochet, I would love to have a go at it one day!

Ana Luisa said...

I don't care for outlining, but I always leave it for the last, after all of the cross stitching has been done. This makes for a neater stitch that shows up and won't get hidden by the crosses.
The threads look gorgeous, and well done on the crochet hooks!

Virpi said...

Morning lake looks really pretty. Good luck with those backstitches.

Eileen said...

There is nothing wrong with being close to the stores! Enjoy! Your morning lake is gorgeous and I LOVE your flowers. It will make a beautiful shawl.

Lostinblue said...

I don't actually mind backstitching, I must just be weird! LOL

I can't wait to see that finished so I will keep on reminding you until it's done. Ha,ha!

Love those flowers Toni, you really have made them so pretty.
Love the colours for the shawls, but I like the last colour combo best, it's gorgeous!!
Was just wondering though, is it a different type of yarn to the ones you showed before? They just look different, so I was wondering.

Anyhow, all very beautiful and so now I'm just sitting waiting for updates on these lovely projects.

x x