Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Still Alive

Yeah, I've been absent for a long time and wondering whether you are still there my online friends and fellow crafters.  Life's been so busy (with work)...nothing's new... I'm tired...tired...tired... LOL!  And no new updates to show you except what happened with the shawl I was knitting and the green doily that I started and have shown you in my last post.  And add to that, my laptop that contains all my photos for the blog has bitten the dust.  Anyway, remember this shawl from my previous post?

Here's what happened:

My teacher said that I unknowingly added a stitch in every row.  So the answer to my previous post whether this will become a shawl or something else is... it became SOMETHING ELSE, LOL!  So I just unraveled the whole thing.

Now for the doily.  This is the photo from my previous post:
And here's what happened:
It ruffled big time!  Based on the look of it, there's no way it will flatten no matter how I will block it.  So, another one that I unraveled.

By the way, I just wanted to share with you that I was chosen by DMC Philippines to be their Stitcher of the Month for August.  Here is me in their Stitcher's Gallery :-D
This is all for now my friends.  Take care all of you!