Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Rave And A Rant

I've been in a cross stitch samplers kick lately and below sampler pattern has been in my list for so long I cannot remember.  Then I recently got it, thanks to my sister's brother-in-law who brought it from the States.  What I rave about is how Tanya, the designer of The Scarlett House, provided in the pattern the DMC conversion to the specialty threads being called for.  I thanked her in my Instagram account and she replied by saying that she "always try to offer a conversion to DMC, as she feels it is a good starting point for stitchers to pick their threads of choice" (her words).  Such a very considerate designer.  

This is Rachel Howells sampler by The Scarlett House:

Tanya is so professional and kind, very different from the designer (Brenda Gervais) of With Thy Needle and Thread patterns, and this is where my rant comes in, who didn't even bother to answer my messages about thread conversion in one of her patterns.  First, when I received the pattern, I emailed the listed website in the pattern twice and they just ignored my email.  Second, I looked for the designer's Facebook Page to where I sent her two messages and I didn't receive even a single reply of "Sorry I cannot help you".  Before writing this rant, I was contemplating so hard whether I should mention here the pattern company and designer,  but since she/they are not considerate why I should I bother considering them.  And also, this may serve as a warning to others who wanted to buy this company's patterns but don't have access to specialty threads.  I have so many of their patterns in my list of "To Buy", but I just deleted everything from them.  They should remember that there are so many designers in the industry that they should know how to take care of customers.  Oh well... lesson learned:  not to buy anything from them.

This is all for now.  Sorry, I know that it's been long since my last post and here I am ranting...

Post note (10/23/14)

I received some emails from fellow stitchers (and wanted to thank them)  suggesting that I search the web for DMC conversions to specialty threads.  I did that when I received the pattern and before writing the company/designer.  I would not write them if I have found a conversion.  Actually, I have so many conversion lists on my computer which I have saved years ago.