Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some More Stitching Goals

Though my goal for this year is to finish some of my UFOs, I think it's a MUST that I should finish all of my WIPs.  I have three, two small and a BAP.

I am going to give this to a friend and I have set a deadline that I should finish it this January.  But it has so many backstitches that I know I will dread doing.  Let's see if I can be a good girl and meet my deadline.

Morning Lake

This is how it should look when finished:

My progress

This is a cross stitch conversion of a masterpiece painted in 1936.  You can see the details of the painting here.  The pattern has a different title than the painting.  I am doing this on 16-count Aida and the finished size will be 26.25 inches x 20.125 inches.  It consist of 12 pages of pattern, A3 size.  It has 48 colors of DMC threads and total skeins of 200.

Here's my progress
I am hoping that I can finish it this year.  I will try to follow this stitching schedule:

Monday to Friday - WIPs
Saturday and Sunday - UFOs

Right now, I am doing my best not to start another pattern or kit, though so many are calling my name.  I really, really wanted to trim down my UFOs and finish all my WIPs.

That's all for now.  Have to go and clean these:

My work tools

Thanks for reading and take care everyone!


Lostinblue said...

Some lovely projects there Toni. The butterflys are so vibrant in colour, very pretty!

I like your other two projects as well, but all your WIP's are so different, it's a nice mix to have in your stitching schedule.

Toni said...

Thanks Lostinblue! I just wish that I will only have 1 WIP, but usually, I get bored so I think I have to alternate a small and big project.