Sunday, February 23, 2014

Signing In...

It's more than five months since I last posted here.  As usual, life, or should I say, work, always gets in the way.  Although I am always absent here, stitching-wise, I am happy to tell you that I do stitch every night and if time permits, during lunch breaks at the office.  I have really miss blogging, taking photos, reading your comments...nevertheless, I always do my best to visit stitching-friends' blogs.  And also, I would like to thank everyone for always visiting my blog despite my absence.

I have two WIPs as of current.  But for now, I will just show what I have been stitching every day.  This has been in my wish list since 2010 that when my sister came here for a vacation more than a month ago, it's what I requested her to buy for me.

It's a Country Cottage Needleworks pattern titled "A Place We Call Home".  It's such a fun and easy-to-stitch project.  I just hope this won't start my samplers addiction, LOL!

I started this January 29 and this was my progress as of last February 9:

I have finished it yesterday and washed this morning that is why I cannot show you a photo of the finished piece, it's still hanging in the clothesline.  I promise you will see it in my next post.

How about you, what have you been up to?  I will be very glad to know :-)

Have a great week ahead my friends.  Take care always.


sherylgcruz said...

like it.. namis ko tlga blog.. dami ako natutunan. . excited na ko sa mga ipopost. . ako npkadami ko wip.. dami kc mgagandang pattern

sherylgcruz said...

like it toni

rosek1870 said...

Nice to see you back! Maybe you and I can post more often lol. I love thst pattern (it's on my widh list too). I look forward to seeing your finish. Hugs to you.

Anna said...

It must be beautiful...
Have a nice week !

Lesley said...

Toni,lovely to see you. I love your Country Cottage Needleworks piece,and I am so glad that you are stitching in the time you have:) xx

Kim said...

Oh how funny!! I have that exact same one sis and I think it's maybe on my blog somewhere. I really enjoyed stitching it but I replaced some with metallics and put some heart buttons on it.
Mine's in June 2011 and the post title was 'So this time it really is'
Can't wait to see your one now as well.

I have got your email, thanks and will be replying soon. It was lovely to hear from you.

Lots of love and big hugs
x x x x

vanessa cai said...

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