Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hooky Evening

I usually do blog posts during weekends so it might be a surprise to you seeing something from me today.  I just wanted to show you a photo of what I did last night.  For a change, I crocheted a granny square which I will use as a coaster in the office.  I used Cannon crochet thread no. 8 and Boye hook size 2.5mm.  Here are the photos:

Have a nice day/evening friends. Take care always :-)


Lesley said...

Very pretty Toni.Makes me want to dust off my cochet hook:-)

Kim said...

Oh I love that Toni!! It looks so pretty and colourful.

Good work sis.
x x x x


Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Toni...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment..I haven't heard of that type of thread before..so I am curious, being a thready..just became a follower of yours. Many blessings