Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm Working On

Well, no accomplishment for last week, no finished piece.  The reason is I can't concentrate on one WIP at a time.  Added to that, last Wednesday I was on-leave from work, so I took the opportunity to visit Dreams and had a knitting lesson there.  Crazy huh?!  :-D  How in the world can I finish all the things I have, cross stitch, crochet, and now knitting!  Oh well, I'm crazy and everyone who's been here with me knows that, LOL!

Here are the pieces that I am working on:

As of today
As of June 20, 2011
For more than a month, that's very little progress.....

And here's my update on my multi-colored flowers shawl:

I started another doily, the one on the cover.  The thread is Aunt Lydia's No. 10 crochet cotton thread in Wasabi.  It says in the pattern that the doily will ruffle a little but it will flatten after blocking.  But my piece ruffles a lot.  We will see when I finished and blocked it if it will really becomes flat.

And here's my knitting practice.  This is going to be a shawl but we will see if it will become one or something else, LOL!

This is all for now friends!  Take care everyone of you :-)


Lostinblue said...

It's just soooooo hard to stick at one thing when there are so many fun things to work with!
But as long as we're enjoying them, it's all good.


Sis, I wish you lived closer, I could have given you a knitting lesson. I'm not a massive expert on it like my mum, but I can knit.
I love the colour of the wool your knitting, it's going to be very pretty.

I think the fruits and the flower shawl are both looking good as well and I just LOVE the new doily.

I started a new thread doily as well, but I couldn't understand some of the instructions yet, so I'll try that again when I have a bit more experience.
Your doilies are wonderful though, so very pretty and delicate!
You do wonderful work sis, I'm SO proud of your talents.


x x x x

Toni said...

Thanks so much sis! Yeah, I wish we live near each other. Last night I noticed I made a mistake in my knitting, I had a dropped stitch (I think that is what they call that) so all the stitches below it unravel. I feel like throwing it across the room, LOL! But then suddenly I thought I will just bring it to the teacher so she can teach me how to correct mistakes like that.

I know you can tackle your new doily. I believe in you sis!


Ninu said...

isnt it fun to switch into too many things!all your WIP's look good! Love that green you chose fro the new doily! I really want to learn knitting!

A life's journey.. in a stitcher's nook said...

hi sis toni, so lovely to see more updates from your stitching.. keep it up and congratulations.. take care & God bless..

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

I have that exact same blue variegated wool - 'cept I'm crocheting with mine, at least, supposed to be - I've lost my crochet hook! Oh noooo!

Lauren - Ambitious Stitches said...

It's difficult to see a lot of progress when your work is broken up among different projects! I've only got 2 WIP's right now and it's still a struggle. I do enjoy being able to move from one project to another when something gets tedious, but it's definitely not as easy to see how much work you've actually done.

All your projects look great! Stick with it!

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Good gracious Toni, you have got a lot on the go at once and it is all fantastic. I love the wasabi colour for your doily and your Tropical Fruits is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know how difficult it is if you love more than one craft =) I sometimes think that it is only possible to do one craft at a time because otherwise you won't get anything finished ;-)
I felt like knitting these last days so I barely touched my stitching =/ I wish I had 4 arms...

You stitching, crocheting and knitting all look fantastic!

Susan H. said...

Hi Toni,
I just started to knit too! Crochet goes along much faster but I love how certain things look knitted. I feel like I need so much more practice. I look forward to seeing how your shawl turns out.
xo Susan

Raine said...

I remember the word "purl" from Home Eco. :D I can't recall what was my knitting project. You have short knitting needles though, I remember using the white long ones. :D Good luck with it. This will definitely book you till next year perhaps? :D

Ana Luisa said...

Just wanted to say everything looks so nice, the cross stitching is amazing, well done!

Fran, said...

soooo funny, I just now finished up a project (one of many) it's been laying around for 2 years. I plan on posting it and having a party. Now to get on to finish up another one of my many to do's. I keep telling myself.."don't start any more until I get these done. Like you post! LOL I'm not alone.

rosek1870 said...

Hi Toni, Well let the "trouble" begin. I have always wanted to learn to crochet so I signed up for a class at my local knitting shop. So now I too will be behind on multiple projects. If the crochet goes well can knitting be far behind? Last year I taught myself how to loom knit and made lots of hat and fingerless gloves! I love your red shawl!! Hang in there and you will (sooner or later) finish all your projects! Wish you where closer we could have a blast!

Annemarie said...

Hi! What a lovely blog and lovely crochet projects! I would like to invite you to the link party that's going on on my crochet blog right now. I hope you like to join! Have a lovely day! Happy crocheting! :-)