Monday, May 21, 2012

Fighting Startitis

Just a short post to let you know that I am still alive my friends, LOL!

As usual, nothing is new, busy with work as ever.  Tho every night, I managed to put in some 100 or more stitches in my Tropical Fruits cross stitch.  And despite the slow stitching, my hands are itching to start a project or two.

Here are some doilies I wanted to make:

Sorry for the not-so-nice photos. They were taken by a not-so-nice camera :D

Well, let's see until when I can manage to avoid the Startitis, LOL!

Have a great week ahead my friends.

Monday, May 7, 2012

What's In My WIPs Bag

First week of April was holiday here due to holy week that Philippines observed yearly.  So, I took the opportunity to do some cleaning and tidying up since  I noticed that my hobby (cross stitch, crochet and knitting) things are everywhere.  Due to being busy, it is only now that I was able to post this.

I put my current WIPs in this paper bag although they are not all of my WIPs.  I've got so many scattered almost everywhere in the house.  That's what you get when you suffer from Start-itis, LOL! My Tropical Fruits cross stitch is not in there since it won't fit in the bag.

A crochet doily that needs only 4 more rows to finish.  Thread is Cebelia No. 30 and hook is Susan Bates No. 7 (1.5mm):

Royale crochet thread no. 30 which I intend to use for a future doily project:

More threads for the Tropical Fruits cross stitch:

Yarns and granny squares for a blanket project:

DMC mini cross stitch kit:

Japanese crochet book, mostly motifs:

Japanese crochet book, mostly doilies:

Lace shawl I started knitting a month ago, with cotton thread no. 10, and Knit Picks Harmony circular needles size 3.25mm:

My cross stitch glass set, reading glass+magnifying glass.  With my 43 year old eyes, this set is really a big help:

Can you see that my reading glass needs replacing?
This is all for now and thank you for dropping by, most specially for leaving your comments.