Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cross Stitch Session

Finally, I was able to log in to  For some time, for reason I don't know, I cannot log in to my blog.  IT personnel here in the office said that is not blocked by our firewall.  So I just tried  and tried everyday, until this morning, to my surprise, I came through.

And as usual, even though I am absent here always, I still do cross stitch everyday even at the office.  And speaking about it, here's a photo of us having our cross stitch session during lunch break:
Everyday, we waited for 12 o'clock, then when it's nearing 1pm, we all wish time will stop so we can continue stitching.  It used to be only the two of us, me (in black) and Phines (the one on my right) doing cross stitch.  Then we were able to convince Claire (the one in checkered) to go back to cross stitching as well as Edith (the one on the upper left corner of the photo) and Shiela (not in the photo).  We also have two new recruits, LOL, Alodia (wearing red) and Razzel (not in the photo, she's having a headache, maybe from too much stitching).  And I almost forget, Claire also influenced her sister into cross stitching.  So from two, we have grown to eight cross stitchers.

Have a great week friends and as usual, take care always!

Hugs :-)