Sunday, June 29, 2014

Small Update

I realized I have not posted anything this month, so before June ends, I will show you my small progress on Tropical Fruits.  This was my update as of last year, July 21. It's been a time flies so fast and my stitching has been left behind, LOL!
 This is now how it looks like (sorry the date in the camera is not correct):

Lately, my stitching mojo is missing, so to make it return I have started a new cross stitch project, but I will show you first the materials, then on my next post, I will tell you all about it:

I know that I still have lots of UFOs but I am really lazy stitching-wise so I badly need something that will bring back my enthusiasm.  Will update you soon.

This is all for now.  Have a great week ahead!

Hugs :-)