Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Makeup and Cross Stitch

My original plan when I created this blog was to post everything about makeup as I am a makeup addict. But I need intervention with it as I noticed that I accumulated more than I ever need in my lifetime so I turned to my forgotten love which is cross stitch. It is also an addiction as I realized that I acquired so much pattern that I will need to live more than a hundred or two to finish them all. So I will start this by posting some of my projects. But this blog is not limited only to cross stitch and makeup. As you can see in the name of my blog, it will be everything about my favorite things, be it cosmetics, cross stitch, books, etc.

Here is one of my earlier projects. It was a kit that I bought and stitched in 1999. I think after year 2000, I stopped doing cross stitch due to busy work schedules. But now, I'm back full force into it :-D
This is my most recent finished project. A gift for my sister. I stitched this from, I think around June of this year and finished second week of August.

I will try to post pictures of things that I love (and even those that I don't) as often as I can, but I cannot promise to do it as regularly as I like.

Welcome and thank you for reading my blog! Happy September to all!

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clara said...

i super love all you collections :D specially the butterfly :D