Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Madli Shawl

Sometime last month, I was feeling stressed out with work and people (what's new, LOL!), so I did what I always do to relax... I went to my favorite yarnshop, Dreams.  The owner/teacher, Ms. Lilli, taught me to do the Madli Shawl, which I always dream of doing.  I am always amazed and in love with lace knitting that I wanted to do all the lace shawls I see everywhere in the web...if only I have all the time in the world.  Anyway, I need her tutorial on this shawl since it's the first time that I will do a shawl with separate parts and also the cast-on of this is not the usual long-tail cast on that I know.  Here's the photo of the shawl taken from my book:
The book where it was taken, Knitted Lace of Estonia, which I like so much.  I love all the shawls in this book.  Again, if I have the time in the future, I will post here photos of all the shawls shown in the book.
My progress so far:
This was taken by another camera (was comparing photos from Sony and Casio cameras).  I think you can see here clearly the design of the shawl.
The yarn I am using.

I still do cross stitch everyday as I wanted to finish the Tropical Fruits soon, but I knit this when I wanted to take a break from cross stitch.

Have a nice week ahead friends and take care always!

Hugs :-)


Lesley said...

How beautiful your shawl is already,Toni,the colours are gorgeous.
Thank you for visiting my blog,I am not posting a lot at the moment.We are looking after our just married son's five month old black labrador puppy,Molly, who is is already quite big! She is so affectionate and full of energy...rather different from our adored Bonnie,a Border Collie, who was nine when we took her in and seventeen when we lost her.
I hope you make good progress on your shawl,I am looking forward to your next update.Take care Toni xx

rosalie angeles said...

hello! saan mo po nabili yarn at magkano po?salamat!

Toni said...

Hi Rosalie,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry for the late reply as it is only now that I opened my blog since my last post. Anyway, sa Dreams Yarnshoppe ko nabili yung yarn, around P300+ or P395 yata each, so inabot din sya ng P1,500++.

Kim said...

Oh I love this Toni!!!

I would love to be knitting this with you. I've only ever crocheted warm shawls, never attempted a lace one yet either in crochet or knit, but this is absolutely gorgeous and the colour is beautiful.

You said it was made it parts?? I thought it was one long wrap, lol.

Anyway, can't wait for updates and to learn more.

love and hugs
x x x x