Monday, August 19, 2013

My First Cross Stitch

I was compiling and organizing my cross stitch patterns last week when I came upon the pattern of my first cross stitch:

This confirms that my addiction started way back 1999 :-D

It's funny because after discovering this, somebody from a local Facebook cross stitch group asked the members to show the photo of their first piece and also to tell when did we start the hobby.

This is my finished project from the pattern, actually it was a kit from Anchor:
Have a great week ahead my friends.  Take care always and thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Madli Shawl

Sometime last month, I was feeling stressed out with work and people (what's new, LOL!), so I did what I always do to relax... I went to my favorite yarnshop, Dreams.  The owner/teacher, Ms. Lilli, taught me to do the Madli Shawl, which I always dream of doing.  I am always amazed and in love with lace knitting that I wanted to do all the lace shawls I see everywhere in the web...if only I have all the time in the world.  Anyway, I need her tutorial on this shawl since it's the first time that I will do a shawl with separate parts and also the cast-on of this is not the usual long-tail cast on that I know.  Here's the photo of the shawl taken from my book:
The book where it was taken, Knitted Lace of Estonia, which I like so much.  I love all the shawls in this book.  Again, if I have the time in the future, I will post here photos of all the shawls shown in the book.
My progress so far:
This was taken by another camera (was comparing photos from Sony and Casio cameras).  I think you can see here clearly the design of the shawl.
The yarn I am using.

I still do cross stitch everyday as I wanted to finish the Tropical Fruits soon, but I knit this when I wanted to take a break from cross stitch.

Have a nice week ahead friends and take care always!

Hugs :-)