Monday, March 31, 2014

Madli Update

I intend to write this post tomorrow but I don't want to start the month with a rant so I'd rather do it now.  I feel so stressed out in the office that I was thinking is the salary I am getting really worth it?  Is my thinking of "I don't wanna get bored and still want to use my head (don't wanna get it rusty)  with office work" really justify it all?  So many things to attend to...things that don't even concern my life....

I miss those times when I am a full-time housewife with weekend makeup work.  I only get stressed when a client is difficult but it rarely happens.  Right now, I don't want to think about anything anymore.  How I wish I will just stitch/knit/crochet the day away while listening to the tv.

Anyway, I've got some line up of posts but I just don't have the time.  So for the meantime, I will just give you an update on my Madli Shawl.  This was how the shawl looked like on my August 6, 2013 post:

 And this is the progress as of January 14, 2014 :

 It is so much longer now but i don't have the photos yet to show you.  Promise, anytime soon.  This shawl has so many errors good thing the yarn is not light-colored so I am the only one who knows about it, LOL!

This is all for now friends, already feel so sleepy.  Have a great week ahead and take care always :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Granny

I know I'm supposed to post about my finished "A Place We Call Home" because that is what I promised before.  But I feel so lazy last Saturday, procrastinating on some things that needed to be done that I just sat and crocheted another granny square.  That's one thing I like about crochet, specially grannies.  I will just get the hook and thread and sit and crochet :D

This is what I finished.  Another coaster.  I tweaked the corners from three single crochet to four because I noticed from my previous granny that the three seems a little to tight.  I bobble stitch the center but I prefer the previous one with the bobble stitch on the second round.

These are the threads that I've used, Anchor No. 10 with Boye crochet hook size 2.75mm.  By the way, I made a mistake on my last post about the size of the hook that I have used on the previous granny, it was 2.25mm.

Vikki of By HOOKS 4U asked about the type of thread that I have used in the granny in my previous post since she haven't heard about them before.  I guess it's because Canon Thread and Anchor (shown above) are available only here in the Philippines and both are being produced by Coats Manila Bay and if I am not mistaken, they are the Philippine branch (?) of Coats since they do have the same logo.  Anchor and Canon are softer than DMC Cebelia but stiff than DMC Petra.

This is all for now my friends.  Chat with you again soon!  Take care everyone :-)