Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In my previous post dated September 6, 2010, I mentioned that I was hesitant on buying the DMC Philippines' Daylight pattern since I've already owned so many landscape and nature-themed patterns. But one of my friends said to me that she wants a cross stitch gift and by that she means that I wouldn't give her the pattern but instead the finished material. In short, I will do the cross stitching. Isn't she demanding :-D But I am not complaining as I enjoy doing cross stitch so much. The only question is, when am I going to start and finish the gift...

Back to the topic. So after talking to her, I thought that Daylight would be the perfect gift for her or... is it only a justification to buy the pattern? So off I go to purchase Daylight. Here it is:

Pattern specifications:

Design size: 20 inches x 15 inches if done in the recommended 14-count Aida Ecru
Number of stitches: 280 x 210
Colors: 39 colors
Total amount of threads to be used: 59 skeins
Stiches: full cross and some backstitching (the birds' beak and feet)

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