Monday, June 27, 2011

Doily No. 3 - Double Pineapple

I almost cannot make it to post on my blog today.  And I am not sure if I can do it again next Monday, but I will do my best to post.  The reason is that I've got now a full-time office job and I am still not sure if I can do blogging during my lunch breaks.  We'll see in the coming months.  And that's also the reason why I wasn't able to read all my favorite blogs and leave a comment.  To all my online/blogger friends, I am very sorry for not being able to visit your blogs.

For today, I will feature my doily number 3.  I saw this first from Ninu and I fell in love with it immediately.  This is Ninu's doily and if you want to make the same, she provided the link to the pattern.  Thanks Ninu for the inspiration!

Here's mine, unwashed and still crumpled:
Already washed and being blocked:

Dried and ready for display :-D

I used these Anchor Pearl Cotton No. 8, total of 4 balls or 322 yards.  The finished size is 18inches.

And to show you how small a ball is:
On DH hand:
This is all for now friends!  Take care always.


Lili said...

So pretty!
I love the colour!!!! :)
Happy week!!

Ninu said...

you crocheted it beautifully! Thanks for the mention!! :)

Lostinblue said...

Oh that is so beautiful Toni. How talented you are sis, it's lovely! I love the colour you've used as well. It's gorgeous!

How did you convert the size though as I noticed on the original pattern that Ninu linked to the yarn is size 30 but you used a size 8?

I guess I'm just very new at reading crochet patterns still and I have lots of questions for you more experienced crocheters!


Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Congratulations on your full-time job Toni :) I hope you are enjoying it.
This doily is lovely, I love the colour you have used.These crochet patterns are just gorgeous.

Lostinblue said...

Sis, just wanted to let you know you have an award, it's on my blog under todays posting ... Well done!!!!

Hugs always
x x

Freddysmama said...

Toni, we'd never guess that you only learnt the art of crochet such a short time ago. What a beautiful piece of work.

Congratulations on the new job. Totally understand the time constraints it puts on blogging :) Have the same issue myself.

Susan H. said...

Toni, this is beautiful! I thought it looked good and then after washing and blocking it looked even better. I have not made a doily yet. Yours is inspiring.
Congrats on your full time office job!
xo Susan

Fran, said...

Beautiful dollie.. love the color.

LindaCrochets said...

I love the color Toni. I do find I block rather even with small thread my finished pieces are larger than most.