Sunday, November 6, 2011

Missing You

I am sorry I am absent for so long.  And I really do miss you all my friends.  I miss your stopping by, your comments and I miss reading the blogs that I frequently visit.  I miss the times when I was not working full-time, I miss waking up late and I miss writing posts on a regular basis.  Oh sorry for ranting....

Anyway, last October 1, DMC Philippines held an exhibit in our local mall and they invited stitchers, including me, to showcase their works.  Without much ado, here are some of the photos that I took.

And here's my piece (which I have featured here before in one of my posts) that has been shown in the exhibit:

Since it's more than a month since I took the pictures, I cannot recall anymore the details of each of the photos featured. Some of the pieces were done by some of my online friends.

Thanks for dropping by and take care everyone!


Lesley said...

Hello Toni, it's great to hear from you.Thank you for visiting my blog:)I will definitely be checking Harlan Coben out and I expect our younger son will read him too. He likes Michael Connelly.
How wonderful to be able to go to a DMC exhibition. Your photos are great,there is some truly wonderful work on display and how lovely to see your exhibit there,it is so pretty.
I hope you will find time for your crafting as well as your full time job. Take care x :)

Nina said...

It's nice to hear from you :) I would have been drooling over those pieces of art, it's such a shame we don't have anything similar here in north!

Raine said...

Oh, don't worry about it. I'm sure once everything found their routine, you'll get back to blogging program too. heheh. Wonderful pixs. :D

Lostinblue said...

Miss you so much sis, it was wonderful to see you've blogged!!
x x

I loved seeing your piece up in the exhibits in the photo's. It must have been so great for you. some wonderful work there.

How are you getting on with your projects, are you able to work on them a little? Hope so.

Lots of love and hugs to you and the family!
x x x x

MiniBinoy said...

great to hear from you tony.. have a very merry

rosek1870 said...

Hi Toni - Haven't heard form you in so very long. I just stopped by to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Stop by and pick it up when you have the chance! Rose