Monday, June 27, 2011

Doily No. 3 - Double Pineapple

I almost cannot make it to post on my blog today.  And I am not sure if I can do it again next Monday, but I will do my best to post.  The reason is that I've got now a full-time office job and I am still not sure if I can do blogging during my lunch breaks.  We'll see in the coming months.  And that's also the reason why I wasn't able to read all my favorite blogs and leave a comment.  To all my online/blogger friends, I am very sorry for not being able to visit your blogs.

For today, I will feature my doily number 3.  I saw this first from Ninu and I fell in love with it immediately.  This is Ninu's doily and if you want to make the same, she provided the link to the pattern.  Thanks Ninu for the inspiration!

Here's mine, unwashed and still crumpled:
Already washed and being blocked:

Dried and ready for display :-D

I used these Anchor Pearl Cotton No. 8, total of 4 balls or 322 yards.  The finished size is 18inches.

And to show you how small a ball is:
On DH hand:
This is all for now friends!  Take care always.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cross Stitch Update

Life's been so busy that I wasn't able to get online these last few days, and most of all, didn't get to read all the blogs in my list.  And it will still be so busy this week and the next.  Sometimes, I was thinking of not blogging anymore but I know that I will miss you all my online friends . . .  I wish I could stop the clock while blogging, and also while stitching . . .

Anyway, here's my latest progress on the Tropical Fruits.  I know it's been awhile since the last time I posted an update and to recap that progress, here it was last May 23:
And here it is now:
It's almost a month and my progress is not that remarkable.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking, it's because of my crocheting, LOL!  But I'm having fun :-D

Have a nice week everyone!

Monday, June 13, 2011

An Award and My Doily No. 2

Thank you very much Ninu for passing this award to me.  I am so grateful to you.  Now, I have to say something about myself and then pass the award to some creative blogs that I love.  The only problem is, I love reading so many blogs that choosing only a few will be very hard.  Okay, here are some few random facts about me.
  • I am so much addicted lately to making doilies
  • I love listening to old music, brings nostalgia, but I love, love Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20's songs
  • My two favorite authors are Tess Gerritsen and Harlan Coben, love their books!
  • I love Peter Bishop of the TV series Fringe, can't get enough of him, LOL!
  • I used to be a makeup/product addict but not anymore, cross stitch and crochet took over
  • I put handcream and eyecream religiously because they said that true age shows in the hands and eyes of a woman.  I don't know if it's true, but nevertheless, I will continue using them all my life :-D
  • I love, love red nail polish, like fire engine red
  • Although I am a makeup artist, I am very lazy in putting makeup on my face.  Foundation, powder and lipstick will do.  Oh, I forgot lipliner.  I cannot put lipstick without lipliner.
Now, this will be the hardest part - passing the award to only a few since I follow so many wonderful blogs.  So what I will do to make it easier is to pass the award to the two really creative bloggers who's always been there with me and who never fails to leave a comment or two in ALL of my posts. 

Kim who does cross stitch, sewing, crochet, hardanger, flower arrangement, the list goes on, LOL!

Lesley who also does wonderful hardanger and cross stitch (Lesley, I know you've said before that you want your blog to be award-free, but I still want to pass this to you)

Now, here is my Doily No. 2.  Actually, I'm on my 5th and 6th already, but wasn't able to take good photos of the 3rd, and the 4th is still unwashed.

This is before washing.  Noticed how it looked like a potato chip? :-D

Close-up photos.  Can you see the raised flower in the center?

After washing and while being blocked
 I love looking at these colored pins!
Now dried and on the table

This is the book where the pattern came from

And although the book is in Japanese, the pattern is very easy to follow since it is in a diagram form like this

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a nice week ahead and take care!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodies Part 3: Doily Madness

Here's the last part of my recently acquired stash.  My hands are itching to start all of these.


Can you tell I am not addicted to doilies?  LOL!
And here's some more addictions:

Have a nice week!  :-)