Monday, April 21, 2014

For Framing

As I have promised in this post, I know that I owe you an update on my "A Place We Call Home".  I took photos of it before bringing to the framer last Saturday, but since it was Holy Week here, they are closed.  So maybe I will bring it again this weekend.

I really love stitching this one.  I made some tweaking as some of the threads called for are not available here. 

 I added metallic threads to the border design as it is so close to the leaves color if I won't make the addition.  Also I enjoy using metallics.  Am developing an addiction right now, LOL!  I hope you can see them in the following photos:

I also learned something here, the hard way :-(  I've used a metallic pen (sorry I forgot to take a photo of what I've used) for marking the places I am going to stitch but made errors in counting.  When I've tried to erase the markings, it won't go away no matter what I do.  So after that mistake, I will only, only use pencils for marking.  Please see the marks beside the letters c, a, and l.
 Thank you friends for dropping by.  Take care always :-)


Lesley said...

Hello Toni,Happy Easter.
I love your finished design,the metallic thread really sparkles:-) and I'm looking forward to seeing it framed.
I didn't notice the metallic marker,thank you for the tip.
Hope you are keeping well xx

blue star stitcher said...

Love the metallic threads you used in the border, very pretty.

Kim said...

Hi Sis, it's gorgeous and how funny we both used the metallics!!

I do love this design, it's such a nice one.
Where are you going to hang it??

x x

Julie said...

Love the finished look with the Metallic threads,looks nice.