Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodies Part 2: Cross Stitch Kits

I know how hard it is to load a page full of photos, so I did not post all the photos of the goodies that I've recently got.  Here are cross stitch kits that I have asked my sister to buy for me:

I really love this one, but I think the only thing that will stop me from starting this are the backstitches :-D

Have a nice week and take care everyone!  Thanks so much for dropping by.  Hugs to you all :-)


Lostinblue said...

YAY for pop up comment windows!

Now I'm back with you at last. Thanks for changing it sis. :) :)HUGS!

Fantastic kits, I love the 'older' one as well, so funny and if you did the backstitch as you went, I bet you'd do it no problem.


Toni said...

You should be with me when I do the "older" kit to keep reminding me that I have to do the backstitch as I can do the backstitches, I would love that, LOL! Just kidding sister dear!

Lostinblue said...

HA! I bet you would make me do the backstitching for you! :P haha.

I would be up for that though, if you help me to learn to crochet ... deal?


Toni said...

Okay sis, deal! Now, come on, hop on to a plane and be here with me, and let's start... not the backstitching nor the crocheting... but visiting all the needlecraft stores, LOL!

nina9873 said...

nice charts and looking forward of seeing them in your list of finish projects.. if you gals can't finished the backstitches, I'll be happy to assist you sis Toni.. just advise me early so I can schedule it during my breaks from stitching my entries for the DMC Phils competition.. but still, it can wait all that backstitching, I can both join you gals from the trip to the different needlecrafts.. lol.. c",)

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful kits! Especially peaceful stream is great :)
I hope you will one day, despite all the backstitchng, work these kits so I can watch and cheer and enjoy that :) (I know this is selfish... Sorry...:))

rosek1870 said...

WOW Toni,
So many great kits and so little time LOL!!! Rose

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

There's plenty to keep you going there, Toni. My favourite is Sanctuary Shells. Happy stitching:)

Raine said...

The peaceful stream looks complicated and beautiful at the same time.