Tuesday, May 10, 2011


That's what my ex-boyfriend (now my husband, LOL!) said when he saw these:

I don't know what made him think of pepperonis?  To me, they're more comparable to sliced pickles, right?  :-D

Of course they are not pepperonis nor sliced pickles.  They are the center of this flower motif:
And here's my progress on the shawl:

Last holy week, on black Friday April 22, my stitching buddy Arlene, visited me at home and we had our stitching session.  I want to share with you photos of our work table.  Yeah I know, it's messy, but it's fun!
Arlene's crochet project

My cross stitch project and things

Thanks for dropping by!  Take care everyone :-)


Home is Where My Heart Is said...

Hi Toni, hope you are well. Your shawl is going to be so pretty. The green circles do remind me of sliced pickles. Looks like you had great fun with your friend,no good trying to keep a tidy table when you are crafting. :D

Ninu said...

very creative table.. Love that candles and the doily!

Home is Where My Heart Is said...

Hi Toni,thanks for your comment about my Fairy.It's great to know you are a Tess Gerritsen fan too :) I have read eleven of her books,some with Maura Isles in them and some one off stories. I do enjoy them but I prefer the Isles/ Rizzoli books and I am enjoying The Killing Place at the moment.I don't have Ice Cold yet :) I must have a read of Harlan Coben sometime, other friends have said he is very good also.
Lesley :)

Lostinblue said...

Sis! The shawl is coming on beautifully!!

I SO wish I could have been there sharing in that stitching session with you.
It looked such a fun time.

Lovely to see these pictures, thanks for sharing them.


Bobbie said...

How fun for you and Arlene to spend the day together crocheting. Your doily look lovely on the table. I love the two greens together for your sister's shawl. It seems so strange to see such a huge cone of thread though. I don't think I have seen these in the states yet.

You are doing a fantastic job with your crocheting. You look just like an expert now!! Tell Arlene that I really like her project too and the color is just beautiful.

Hugs - Bobbie :)

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Hi Toni,my post in reply to your original Tess Gerritsen link has also gone! Thanks again, for telling me about the different title :) I finished The Killing Place on Saturday..it was gripping. I was tempted to buy a Harlan Coben book on Saturday in town,but I will wait until I have read some of the other books I have stacked up by my chair!!
Take care.
Lesley :)