Monday, May 23, 2011


Happiness is . . . having your sister and brother-in-law visit you and bringing with them goodies that you requested them to buy for you.

Here are the goodies:

It is very expensive if I will buy from US online stores and have them ship my items to the Philippines, so I always requested my sister to buy for me.  To my sis and her husband, thank you very much!

Now on my Tropical Fruits, here's my progress:

Have a nice week everyone!  :-)


Lili said...

lovely stash! :)
very pretty progress!

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Lovely,lovely stash Toni,I am looking at it enviously:)and well done to your sister and brother in law.
I love your project,beautiful stitching.

Ninu said...

Lovely gifts,Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stitching on Tropical Fruits!
It must be wonderful to have a sister who buys things for you, I can understand that shipping costs sometime really put you down :)

nina9873 said...

wonderful stash and nice pieces too.. looking forward of the finished piece of your tropical fruits.. keep it up sis.. happy stitching.. take care & God bless..

Donna said...

Great stash and good progress!!

Virpi said...

Lovely stash! I wish I would have relatives who would understand if I make an "order" =). My uncle lived in the USA for several years and I was hoping he could help me getting threads etc. but he was like I would have spoken foreign language when I mentioned DMC numbers =D.

Your stitching progress looks yummy =D

craftlover said...

lovely! =)

Lostinblue said...

Gorgeous stash sis, what a lovely haul you have there.
Hope you had a great visit together. :)

Great progress on the tropical fruits as well. It's looking fantastic!


Raine said...

Bounty stash! I'm also hoping my grandma returns she was able to buy the beading stuff I requested. :D The tropical fruit project is coming along fine! :D

Deb MN said...

Hi, Toni 99! I have been trying to locate the pattern for Tropical Fruits with no luck. Any ideas where I could come up with it?