Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bargain and Steals of SINS

Yes, you're reading it correctly, SINS!  As in:  Stuff I'll Never Stitch.  This cross stitch net language is very popular among stitchers, specially to those who have so much stash that one lifetime is not enough to stitch their acquisition.

Last Wednesday, I was in a hurry to buy DMC threads because I wanted to beat the February 1 price increase and to my big surprise, the store where I usually buy my threads because their price is the cheapest already imposed the increase.  I was so mad because they didn't even inform me.  So I called my stitching friend who is also planning to buy plenty and told her what happened.  She then called another store and told me to go there because theirs is still the old price.  So off I went to that store.  And here's the DMC threads that I bought, almost 500 skeins (my wallet was crying):


Here's showing the metallic threads:

And while the owner was attending to my list, I browsed through their old stocks of patterns and some kits and I almost jump with joy when I found these Teresa Wentzler's charts:

 This is only P60 ($1.30) while the price at Patterns On Line is $6.99.

This is P80 ($1.80  )  Patterns On Line's price is also $6.99.

Aren't these two are steals?..  But upon seeing that it contains so many backstitches, I think that it will become SINS!

And this kit is so cute that I grabbed it immediately, costing only P200 ($4.50).

My Prayer

That's all for now friends!  Thanks for dropping by :-)


Midge said...

Lovely stash.
I have the English Garden Sampler (maybe 'cos it has peacocks on it) and it is beautiful.
Happy bobbin winding.

Lostinblue said...

Oh my!!!
I would love to come help sort your yummy new stash Toni!

It might seem like a big splurge, but in the long run it'll save money. I love those kits as well ... especially the peacock one Midge likes. :)

Wonderful stash buy! Next time I insist you take me with you!!


Bobbie said...

Oh Toni!
Look at all your 'jewels'!! You did great on your floss buying. Very smart to buy it while the price is down. I always say, it won't go bad ... won't rot or mold... Beautiful jewels as I call them.

You scored BIG TIME on the kits! I love both of the TWs you found. Hmmm... you do realize you are going to have to live a very LONG life to finish off just HALF of your stash, don't you. Oh Joy!! Love adding to my stash pile.

Bobbie :)

Bec said...

Oh gosh! Look at all those threads!!

No wonder your wallet is crying! I think if I had a stitchy shopping spree like that my wallet would go into cardiac arrest! LOL

I bet the shop owner loved you!!

The patterns you got are lovely. I hope you get around to stitching them soon. :)

Happy Stitching