Friday, February 25, 2011

Framed and Hung

I just realized that I haven't posted here about my Home Sweet Home project which I finished last November 2010.  It is a pattern made by DMC Philippines, I'm just not sure what year they published it, but probably not so long ago as I still see some copies of it around.
Sorry for the shadow and the angle as there will be light reflections if I will photograph it straight front.  We placed it in our porch, so when people comes to our house, that's the first thing they will see.  I choose the green matting because of the leaves, but I didn't expect it to be that dark.  I planned on having it changed to a  lighter matting but eventually, I just left it as it is to lessen the "girly" look and make it appear just a little bit formal (?).  I am not sure I used the right term here :D

By the way, some friends informed me that my previous post, the one of Clothes clips etc., has some photos, specially those of the Morning Lake needle organizer,  not appearing properly.  I fixed it and you can now see ALL the pictures in there.

This is all for now as I'm feeling so lazy right now.  I just want to sit and stitch the day away.

Happy stitching everyone!  Have a good and enjoyable weekend!



Nina said...

I like the green matting, it highlights the pinkish background :)

Bobbie said...

The yellow/gold bottom mat and the green mat are just perfect for your pretty picture. What a lovely bouquet of flowers and what a perfect spot to hang it so all your guests can see it.

It's a beautiful piece and you did a wonderful job all the way around, including the framing. wrote your description with the correct words plus your picture does not look girly-girly -- it's simple and elegant!
Congratulations on a lovely finish..
Hugs - Bobbie :)

Bec said...

That is gorgeous! looks 3D from that angle.
Beautiful stitching Toni :)

I think the frame is just perfect for it.

Happy Stitching

Lostinblue said...

I agree with Bec, it has a wonderful 3d look from that angle. Such lovely neat stitching as well.
I think it looks beautiful and the mat and colours complement each other perfectly!

How lovely as well, for all your guests to be able to see it as they come into your home.
So welcoming!

Love and hugs
x x x x

rosek1870 said...

Beautiful! I like the dark mat. Wish I could stitch all day it is 38 degrees F and raining heavily but it is off to work I go! Can't wait to get home, curl up with my little dogs and stitch. Have a great day Toni!