Monday, May 16, 2011

Cross Stitch Exhibit

Last week, DMC Philippines held an exhibit featuring the cross stitch adaptations of the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo, Philippines' 1st National Artist.  Here are some photos I've taken during the exhibit and also of the patterns I've bought:


Girl with Mangoes (painting & cross stitch)

Girl with Mangoes (painting)
Girl with Mangoes (cross stitch)

Girl with Mangoes (cross stitch pattern)

Sunset - Return of the Fishermen (cross stitch & painting)
Sunset - Return of the Fishermen (painting)
Sunset - Return of the Fishermen (cross stitch)
Sunset - Return of the Fishermen (cross stitch pattern)
Planting Rice (cross stitch & painting)

Planting Rice (painting)
Planting Rice (cross stitch)
Planting Rice (cross stitch pattern)
Here's another version of Planting Rice cross stitched by the painter's daughter, Helen Amorsolo Martinez.  You can read something about her here.
Planting Rice (done by Helen Amorsolo Martinez)
More paintings, cross stitch and patterns...
Winnowing Rice (cross stitch & painting)

Winnowing Rice (painting)

Winnowing Rice (cross stitch)
Winnowing Rice (cross stitch pattern)
Girl with a Banga [earthen water jar] (painting & cross stitch)

Girl with a Banga (painting)

Girl with a Banga (cross stitch)

Girl with a Banga (cross stitch pattern)
Lavandera [laundry lady] (cross stitch & painting)

Lavandera (painting)

Lavandera (cross stitch)

Lavandera (cross stitch pattern)
Tinikling (bamboo) Dance (painting)

Tinikling Dance (cross stitch in progress)

Tinikling Dance (cross stitch in progress)

Tinikling Dance (cross stitch in progress)

Tinikling Dance (cross stitch in progress)

Tinikling Dance (cross stitch in progress)

Tinikling Dance (cross stitch in progress)

Tinikling Dance (cross stitch pattern)
The following were all stitched by Helen.  I'm not sure if they are going to release a pattern for the Mother and Child.
Mother and Child (cross stitched by Helen)

Amorsolo's children

And here's the portrait of the famous painter:
Fernando Amorsolo's portrait (cross stitched by Helen)

Here are some photos of him with his family:

Some more photos of the exhibit:

Another pattern that I bought which was not featured in the exhibit:
Cooking the Noon Day Meal
It was so hard to choose just one or two or I bought all the patterns :-D  But if I have to choose one at gunpoint, I think it will be the Tinikling Dance.  Sunset is my second favorite.

In a future post, I will write more about the details of each pattern.


Raine said...

We've switched faves. :D Mine if I ever do something like this, would be Sunset then the Tinikling Dance. :D Which of the patterns will you do? :D

Mia said...

Oh, the paintings and the stitchings look just lovely! Thank you for sharing :)

Bobbie said...

They are all lovely. I can see why you bought ALL of way could I choose just one. LOL

What a fantastic exhibit AND post. Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time to put such a lovely post together to share with us.

I look forward to watching all of these come to life through your lovely cross stitch.

Hugs - Bobbie :)

Tiffany said...

Wow! That is so cool! What an excellent exhibition. I love that they showed a cross stitch in progress too to give people an idea of what a lot of work it is, but how beautiful the result will be. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous pictures.

Anonymous said...

The pictures all look so lovely! It must have been great to take a look at the wonderful work :)
I can understand that you have not been able to resist the patterns ;) one day your work will just look as beautiful :)

Lostinblue said...

Oh wow sis! That's amazing! What a fantastic exhibit. I love the patterns you bought ... who could resist? :D :D

I'm so glad you were able to share these with us, it's lovely to be able to see it as well.
We don't seem to have anything like this where I live sadly.
Was it a popular exhibit?


Toni said...

Hi sis Kim! Yes, it was popular, specially with the stitchers :-)

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

What a brilliant exhibition Toni, and I love Fernando Amorsolo's family photos that you have included. Thank you for showing us your all your photos :)

craftlover said...

i like the Tinikling Dance too. i'll definitely wait for the patterns to arrive in Davao =)

Virpi said...

Lovely pics, I really envy all who are able to visit such an exhibition =D

Eileen said...

What a beautiful exhibition! I can't wait to see your progress on these.

gezs said...

would you know if the amorsolo patterns are still being sold or was it just for the duration of the exhibit?

where do you buy your cross stitching supplies? i used to get mine from stitches n things and those other craft stores in malls which have now sadly closed down :(

Toni said...

Hi Gez,

Thanks for dropping by. The Amorsolo patterns are still being sold, you can find them in the DMC store in Megamall, Dreams (I wrote about a post about them here) in Glorietta 5 as well as in stores in Quiapo and in Divisoria. I usually buy my supplies from any of those I've mentioned :-)

gezs said...

@ Toni, thank you for your quick reply :)

jezza said...

Hi toni, I just want to ask where in quiapo and in divisoria you buy your pattern. I love the amorsolo patterns

Toni said...

Hi Jezza,

Sorry for this late reply, I just dropped by my blog today :D

You can find the Amorsolo (and several others) patterns in Mimosa and also in Tony's Lace in Quiapo Market, I think, it's Villalobos St.

In Divisoria, you can find said patterns in New State Lace Center in Tutuban.

Thanks for reading :-)

Mansh Baxani said...

Hi! I'm new in the whole cross stitching thing. I kind of wanted to find some productive hobbies this summer and I got excited at the thought of cross stitching because it's just beautiful :) Would you mind if I asked do you know where I can avail of cross stitch kits or patterns for beginners (Except DMC world)? Would really appreciate your reply. :)

Toni said...

Hi Mansch,

DMC produced some starter kits and you can find them in Dreams. Heavenly Stitchin Moment in Mall of Asia also sells cross stitch kits.

Zurainny Ismail said...

Hi, I'm a cross stitcher from Malaysia. DMC Philippines is really amazing - so active and creative! 'Sunset - Return of the Fisherman' is my favourite.

Nena Mendoza said...

wonderful and inspiring, I hope to be able to stitch the sunset myself, thanks for sharing Toni.

Ermilyn Flores said...

How much do these patterns cost? Is there any way i can buy it online?

Toni said...

Hi Ermilyn,

I am not sure of the current prices of these patterns, but when I bought them, around P100++.

I think there are some online sellers in Facebook.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.